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AMAP's mission is the longterm conservation of the Mata Atlântica and its biodiversity, especially the habitat of the endangered golden-headed lion tamarin.

Research for species conservation

AMAP is dedicated to the conservation of the Mata Atlântica and its biodiversity.


The Mata Atlântica, the Atlantic Forest in Brazil, is considered to be one of the most species-rich ecosystems on earth. New species are still being discovered. It once ran along the Brazilian coast over many millions of hectares. But today almost two- thirds of Brazils population live within the range of this rainforest. as a result it is estimated that only between seven and twelve percent remains intact. These remaining areas often exist as isolated forest islands and are far too small and too far apart to provide sufficient habitat for the immense diversity of animal and plant species. In addition, the destruction by us humans continues unceasingly because of the need for raw materials and living space. In the action area of AMAP Brazil, a relatively large number of forest relics have been preserved due to the near-natural cocoa cultivation (the cocoa forest is called 'cabruca'). However, due climate change and increasing population pressure there is an urgent need for action here.


Our Mission

AMAP Brazil is a non-profit organization, dedicated to the conservation of the Mata Atlântica and its biodiversity in the state of Bahia. AMAP began its mission in the region in 2017, aiming to protect the habitat of the endangered golden-headed lion tamarin, a small species of tamarins, endemic to the cocoa coast of Bahia and a flagship species of the region. In the following years AMAP has expanded its mission to the conservation of the Mata Atlântica and its flora and fauna, for the benefit of people and nature. The golden-headed lion tamarin is the symbol for the mission.

AMAP will achieve its mission by:

  • land purchase to protect wildlife habitats

  • reforesting Mata Atlântica to restore habitats for wildlife

  • supporting restoration projects to recover ecosystem functions

  • supporting research projects for evidence based solutions for biodiversity conservation

  • supporting agroforestry systems to generate sustainable income for local communities

  • sustainable organic cocoa production in the cabruca-agroforestry system on our own farms

Our Partners

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