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Biodiversity at Fazenda Bom Pastor and our project area
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Out of 35 biodiversity hotspots, the Mata Atlântica biome is one of the 5 most important hotspots. Hotspots are defined as places where an exceptional concentration of endemic species is affected by an exceptional loss of habitat.

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Despite a dramatic forest loss during the 20th century the biome still harbors 20,000 plant species. 8000 of these are endemic.

Furthermore 936 species of birds, 312 species of mammals, also with a high degree of endemism.

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However, 1544 plant species (Martinelli and Moraes, 2013) and 380 animal species (Paglia et al., 2008) are endangered, the equivalent to 60% of the entire lists of threatened species for both flora and fauna in Brazil.

We create species inventories in our project area. On this site we will present some of the amazing biodiverity at Fazenda Bom Pastor and the surrounding areas.


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Corallus hortulanus.JPG
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