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AMAP is dedicated to the conservation of the Mata Atlântica and its biodiversity.

AMAP is a German-Brazilian non-profit conservation organization. AMAP was founded in Germany in 2016 and began its mission in Bahia in 2017 after establishing an association of the same name in Brazil, aiming to save the habitat of the golden-headed lion tamarins. In the following years AMAP has expanded its mission to the conservation of the Mata Atlântica and its flora and fauna, for the benefit of people and nature. The golden-headed lion tamarin is the symbol for the mission.

AMAP promotes the conservation and expansion of the highly fragmented Mata Atlântica through through a variety of activities, including land acquisition, reforestation, support of research projects and organic sustainable cacao cultivation. Our statute you can find here.
The base of our activities in the region is the association's own farm "Bom Pastor" not far from the Almada River.


Our story


Forest restoration with agroforestry systems with the Pataxó HãHãHãe community in the Caramuru Paraguaçu reserve.




AMAP partners with the UESC and the UFPA to realize an inventory of aquatic vertebrates in the APA Lagoa Encantada e Almada.


AMAP supports the EAI-Project, which aims to understand the long term biodiverstity and socioeconomic impacts of agricultural land use change on nature and humans. We collaborate with the SASE-Lab an the UESC.




With the first imported cocoa of Faz. Bom Pastor we started in Germany the production of our own chocolate, which you can purchase in our online store.

AMAP supports a second  lion tamarin project. A survey, to identify high priority areas of conservation.


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AMAP joined Cabruca, a cooperative of local cocoa farmers and starts the certification process of the cabruca at Bom Pastor.


Purchase of Fazenda Julia




AMAP starts the collaboration with Prof. Leonardo Oliveira to support his long-term monitoring of golden-headed lion tamarins in cabrucas. 

AMAP starts to reforest a wildlife corridor on Fazenda Bom Pastor, together with volunteers of Germany and  Brazil. The first 8000 native tree seedlings could be planted.


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Purchase of Fazenda Bom Pastor The basis of our projects in the region.

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AMAP was founded in Brazil, after establishing an organization of the same name in Germany.


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