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AMAPs mission is the long term conservation of the Mata Atlântica, one of the top hot spots of biodiversity in the world.

How you can support us

AMAP achieves its mission by using a wide range of activities. AMAPs first project in the region starts in 2017 as a direct reforestation action to increase the habitat of the golden-headed lion tamarins. In the following years AMAP has expanded its activities. All projects are only possible through a large number of contributors.


Land purchase

AMAP secures rain forest fragments and habitat for the golden-headed lion tamarins through land purchase. AMAP Brazil purchases land specifically to protect and reforest Mata Atlântica forests and to establish sustainable cacao production. One hectare of land costs about 3,000 euros. If you are interested in supporting AMAP in the purchase of land, we would be pleased to discuss the matter in a personal conversation.


One-time donations

With your financial support, we may be able to expand our activities and support a further urgently needed conservation project. A one-time donation can also be used for one of our  already running projects.  We would be pleased to discuss your ideas in a personal conversation.


Become a supporter and donate regularly

Regular donations allow AMAP to plan long-term projects and to use donations where they are most urgently needed. Regular financial support allows us to pre-fund essential conservation projects. You can directly donate via our German webpage.

Donate to a particular project


Support our reforestation efforts

Donations are used to purchase seedlings and carry out necessary maintenance on the reforestation areas. A seedling and the necessary maintenance in the following years costs about 30 Euros. The monthly salary of an employee is around 300 euros. You can directly donate via our German webpage.


Species conservation

AMAP supports research projects to secure the survival of  golden-headed lion tamarins in the wild. To do this, equipment must be purchased on a regular basis. A collar transmitter, for example, costs about 250 euros. To carry out the monitoring, AMAP has hired two research assistants. One day of field work costs about 50 euros.


Support the Forest Restoration Project

Support indigenous families in the restoration of the Caramuru-Paraguaçu reserve and the generation of sustainable income. Donations for seedlings, equipment and manpower are needed.


Cocoa research for sustainable cocoa cultivation

AMAP supports a long-term monitoring as a partner of the Westlake University and the Universidade Estadual de Santa Cruz. One focus of research are ecological intensification methods to increase yields of cocoa production in order to conserve the traditional cabruca agroforestry system and thus its biodiversity. AMAP provides three research assistants in this project. One day of field work costs about 50 euros.


Support of field work

AMAP supports students in carrying out their fieldwork in the region with accommodation, food and logistics. One day of fieldwork costs about 25 euros.

Our donation accounts

AMAP Germany

Almada Mata Atlântica Project e.V.

Volksbank Mittelhessen eG

IBAN: DE19 5139 0000 0050 7124 00


AMAP Brazil

Almada Mata Atlântica Project

Banco do Brasil S/A

Bank agency: 0019-1

Checking account: 69.465-7

PIX:     29.014.200/0001-85

IBAN: BR12 0000 0000 0001 9000 0694 657C1


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