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Land acquisition to protect the Mata Atlântica

AMAP purchases farmland on the cocoa coast of Bahia to conserve habitat for flora and fauna. Degraded areas are reforested, traditional cabrucas are certified organic and sustainably managed. Revenues from cacao sales are reinvested in the projects.

Fazenda Bom Pastor

since 2018, 186 ha

Conservation_Bom Pastor-min.jpeg
Fazenda Bom Pastor was purchased by AMAP Brazil in 2018 to protect golden-headed lion tamarins' habitat and to reforest a wildlife corridor to connect two forest fragments on neighboring farms. The cabruca of Bom Pastor is certified organic and is sustainably managed for people and nature. Fazenda Bom Pastor is the headquarter of AMAP Brazil with facilities for cocoa processing and accommodation for students and researchers. Two research projects are currently running on Bom Pastor – the EAI-Project and the Long-term monitoring-Project of Golden-headed liontamarins. 

Fazenda Julia

since 2019, 153 ha

Fazenda Julia was purchased by AMAP Brazil in 2019 to safe a part of the riparian landscape of the Almada river. An island is part of the fazenda and will be reforested, the abandoned cattle pastures will be restored with a cocoa agroforestry system to generate income for local families and to restore ecosystemfunctions. Since 2022 Fazenda Julia is part of the EAI-Project with several research plots being located here.

Fazenda Santa Rita

current land acquisition project, 202 ha

Fazenda Santa Rita is located not far from AMAP Brazil's headquarters, Fazenda Bom Pastor, and is home to a vital population of golden-headed lion tamarins. For many years, the Liontamarin groups of Santa Rita have been monitored by Prof. Oliveira of UESC, as the habitat conditions here are particularly good. Santa Rita is the most important habitat for the monitoring project.The individuals are heavier and bigger than expected for the species and they show the smallest home range reported for the species, what indicates a good food availability. Moreover the reproduction is higher as in any other habitat, including the first report of triplets in wild populations. The cabruca of Santa Rita features ideal conditions and can be a model for other cabrucas on behalf of golden-headed lion tamarins.
Additionally, Santa Rita has been part of the EAI project since 2022.

Fazenda Santa Rita is not far from Bom Pastor.

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