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  • Christian Wolff

World Rewilding Day 2024 - Hope into Action

The Global Rewilding Alliance is a worldwide organisation working with rewilders on every continent to help nature heal itself and secure a thriving future for people, nature and planet.

AMAP joined the Alliance last year because it is a rapidly growing global network of organizations and initiatives that aim to conserve biodiversity on an increasingly degraded planet - not only by conserving relict habitats, but also by actively restoring degraded areas for endangered species and wildlife, leading to a global movement towards rewilding. The network brings together practitioners, hands on the ground organizations from six continents, all committed to success stories for a wide range of species and biomes.

World Rewilding Day was launched in 2021 by the Global Rewilding Alliance. On March 20, 2024, it will see rewilding initiatives and people from six continents come together again to raise awareness of rewilding and the need for nature recovery around the globe, inspiring huge numbers of people and organisations to support and participate in practical rewilding. This year, we aim to demonstrate how the hope rewilding offers to both nature and people translates into on-the-ground actions that effect change.

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