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  • Christian Wolff

Three groups equipped with collars

Three groups of golden-headed lion tamarins have been equipped with new collar transmitters in recent weeks. One group each at the Fazendas Bom Pastor, Santa Rita and Almada. All three fazendas are part of the long-term monitoring program in Cabrucas. A large part of the remaining habitats of the endangered golden-headed lion tamarin can be found in Cabrucas. The long-term project aims to understand why golden-headed lion tamarins can survive in cabrucas and which key factors are crucial for this. In the photo you can see the platform on which the live traps are placed. Lion tamarins only use the ground to move around in exceptional cases. Captured animals are anaesthetized by a veterinarian to change the transmitters, after which the animal's state of health is checked and various parameters such as size and weight are recorded. The animals are then released back into their habitat.

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