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Planned Projects

Conservation of threatened amphibian populations

Amphibians, like frogs and salamanders, are strongly threatened by climate change and human activities. Studies show that rising temperatures, and environmental pollution weaken amphibian immune response to defend against diseases, causing their sharp population decline in the tropics. Our study aims to understand the underlying factors and dynamics associated with amphibian biodiversity loss, so we can find strategies to better preference its populations in Southern Bahia.

2023 we started the monitoring of amphibians through direct observation methods. In the following years we plan to introduce our EcoEye cameras for a continuous monitoring of amphibians and rare species with unique behaviors.

Characterization of soil nutrients


We plan to involve researchers to monitor soil nutrients in the EAI research plots. Small soil samples (cup size) will be collected to be analyzed in the laboratory. Monitoring soil nutrients in Atlantic Forest landscapes is essential for assessing soil health over time. This is important for producers, because healthier soils can produce stable harvests in the long term. In addition, understanding the dynamics of soil nutrients can help us design production systems that are more resilient to climate fluctuations and outbreaks of pests and diseases.

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