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Tree species

About 50.000 seedlings could be planted by AMAP on Fazenda Bom Pastor

Between 2018 and 2021 AMAP reforested a wildlife corridor to connect two habitats of golden-headed lion tamarins. Since 2022 our team is maintaining the areas to ensure a good growth of the seedlings. Beside their suitability for reforestation areas, tree species were chosen, which will be a good food source or provide sleeping sites for lion tamarins. The selection is based on the work of Oliveira et al.2010, who published a categorized list of key trees species for lion tamarins. The complete list you can find here. The diet of lion tamarins is mainly based on ripe fruits, including some flowers, nectar and occasionally gum. Additionally, bromeliads are visited regularly as they provide microhabitats for many insects, other arthropods and small vertebrates. Here lion tamarins search for animal prey between the leafs. Tree holes are mostly used as sleeping sites, but sometimes also  vine tangles and palm leaves provide a sufficient shelter. Lion tamarins use 155 tree species of 49 families. Myrtaceae and Sapotaceae are the families with the greatest number of species (28 and 16, respectively) used by lion tamarins. The most frequently planted tree species are introduced here with a short description. A complete list of planted seedlings you can download here. Tree species that are important for lion tamarins have been marked with our logo.

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