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Biodiversity conservation research

Evaluation of the distribution patterns of aquatic vertebrate assemblages in the Environmental Protection Area (APA) Lagoa Encantada and Rio Almada.

The Lagoa Encantada and Rio Almada region is as APA (Environmental Protection Area) part of Brazils National System of Conservation Units and covers the catchment area of the Rio Almada. The APAs try to reconcile sustainable use of natural resources and the conservation of biodiversity and ecosystem functions and thus to combine human well being and conservation of nature.

The freshwater environment of the APA Lagoa Encantada and Rio Almada has suffered strong disturbances during the last decades, caused by multiple anthropogenic activities, like agriculture and urbanization. These impacts leads, comparable to the Atlantic Rainforest, to a high loss of aquatic biodiversity and ecosystem function. However little is known about the actual composition and abundance of aquatic vertebrate species of the focus area. This study aims to evaluate the distribution patterns of annual fish species, anurans and turtles of freshwater habitats within the APA Lagoa Encantada and Rio Almada. The results of the study will help improve aquatic biodiversity conservation strategies in the APA Lagoa Encantada and Rio Almada. This project is a collaboration of the UESC, UFPR and AMAP Brazil. The fieldwork will be conducted between 2023 and 2027.

Project area

The environmental protection area "APA Lagoa Encantada" includes the catchment area of the Almada River and is named after the lagoon of the same name.


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