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Avifauna on Fazendas Julia and Bom Pastor

Characterization of the bird community on Fazenda Bom Pastor and Julia.

The Mata Atlântica is recognized as a high priority area for biodiversity conservation, as it is one of the most threatened regions of the world. This hotspot of biodiversity contains an avifauna of more than 600 species, 160 of them are endemic and 120 species are endangered. Moreover, the project area is, according to Bird Life International, classified as IBA – important bird and biodiversity area. Endangered species and species with a limited distribution area are to be found in the region. The objective of this field study is to determine the species richness and abundance of bird species on the Fazendas Bom Pastor and Julia. Especially to identify the bird species of the understorey, which play an important role as seed disperser. The results will be used to develop strategies for species conservation.

The Masterthesis of Fabián Díaz-Ríos (UESC) was supported by AMAP in 2019 and 2020 with logistics and accommodation.

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